Kate Winters Spiritual Consultant & Mediumship Master Teacher

I am a Psychic Spirit Medium & Mediumship Master Teacher who blends five disciplines:


Psychic Skills



Bio Chemistry

I have a degree in Psychology and I have been studying Mediumship, Quantum Physics and Human Behaviour for over 10 years.

Internationally renowned, I work all over the world, do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss booking me for your event.

The Kate Winters Spiritual & Psychic Reading

My powerful blend of mediumship, psychic skills, psychology and neuroscience delivers outstanding results for every area of business, self development or personal life.

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The Kate Winters Spiritual Experience

My interactive event demonstrates mediumship, psychic skills and delivers readings, and I encourage participants to explore their own psychic ability.

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The Kate Winters Train to Be A Medium Program

My unique style of spiritual knowledge and human interest creates a powerful set of training tools for the most swift and comprehensive mediumship and psychic development.