I am on a mission to help women get the quality of life they want. I am a Psychic Medium & Spiritual Strategist and I change lives through Science and Spirit

Welcome, Ladies! I'm Kate Winters

I am thrilled that you are here & I am excited to do this journey alongside you. You are now one step closer to a totally different life & I can't wait to witnesss it. 

I strongly believe that all of us is a Psychic Medium, its a birth right that we can claim; an untapped innate gift that needs to be unlocked to get what you want in life.

And this is where I step in, I am here to help you unleash your Psychic Ability with the use of my blended methodology of Nueroscience,Psychology & Psychic Development so you can get booming business, successful carreer, healthy relationships, a clear mind and a life you have always wanted.

I will teach, support & guide you on your exciting escapades of becoming the best version of yourself and take lightning control of your life, your business, your finances & your emotions

You will go from...

Poverty to power 
Defeated to magnificent 
From bored business to a booming booked out one 
From disconnected to divinely, emotionally, financially, creatively & beautifully free.

If you're ready let's start your journey! 

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You have the power to create the life you desire.

Join the Exclusive 1:1 training with Kate Winters

The most rapid way to unleash the Psychic in you
Tailored-fit strategies and exercises to accelerate your progress
10 intentioned fuel power-packed weeks
Ongoing monthly accountability and support
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1:1 Coaching session with me either in person or via zoom 
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Love Notes from my clients

Being a Psychic Medium is not easy peasy especially if you are a single mum of two children. There were days that I wanted to stop and just focus on myself & my children but I knew in my heart that this is my calling. I knew that I had to share my gift to other women so they too will experience the life that they've always wanted.
And everytime I feel my energy is getting low I just remind myself about the women I helped and changed lives. They are one of my greatest why I keep on going and I will be forever thankful for the trust that they have given me. 
I hope these few love notes from my clients will inspire you to take action. 
You are only one decision away to a totally different life. 

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Programmes to up-level your life

Psychic Medium

Super Psychic Intensive Programme

My unique style of spiritual knowledge and human interest creates a powerful set of training tools for the most swift and comprehensive mediumship and psychic development.

Psychic Medium

The Soul & Science Goddess Revolution

My powerful blend of mediumship, psychic skills, psychology and neuroscience delivers outstanding results for every area of business, self development or personal life.

Psychic Medium

Psychic Spectacular Bundles

Create your preferred session with me. You can choose three sessions of readings, manifesting, training or one of each. 

Meet Kate!

Hi, I'm Kate Winters! I am a Psychic Medium & Spiritual Strategist for 10 years now.  I studied Psychology in University of Worcester and graduated with honours. I use the blended methodology of Nueroscience, Psychology & Psychic Medium to help women across the world to get what they want in their life whether its a booming business, successful career, clarity on major decisions and even personal lives & relationships.

I’m an expert in Psychic skill & mediumship. I have mastered  alchemy & creating dreams with clarity precision and craftsmanship. I am well-versed in psychology on the mind both the subconscious and conscious of the brain as well as its wave patterns within mediumship and meditation.

I have been featured in Daily Mail News and have been a speaker on several podcast & radio. I am a mom of two beautiful children & I live in my dream home near at the beach with my dogs. I now live the life I've always wanted and I want to share the same formula I used to help a lot of women as much as possible so they too can get the life they deserve. 

I am on a mission to help women unleash their Psychic & Mediumship ability to aquire wealth, fix broken relationships and be a WOMAN of power & authority

Join the community...

I am a firm believer that if women will support each other they can be whatever they want and achieve whatever they want in their life so I am inviting you to join the community of strong women who supports each other through thick or thin. Let's share our experiences and let's walk together in this life confident & full of love.
See you on the other side. ❤️