About Me

Kate Winters Practical Psychologyst and Medium

A personal note from Kate...

Hello, I am Kate. I am an international Practical Psychologist and Medium who lives and works in Weston Super Mare and all over the UK. 

Surrounded by the healing energy of the ocean making Weston Super Mare a perfect and fitting location for the spiritual healing and mediumship that I enjoy so much.

The atmosphere within a reading environment is set by the spirit energy that surrounds me, this is always warm, welcoming, calming, sensitive and friendly. When a client leaves the reading, it is with a feeling of upliftment, comfort and ease of mind.

I have felt the presence of spirit since childhood providing me much comfort and joy over the years in different situations, this is what I wish to share with others during the development circles and workshops I run through my Spirit Medium Academy, so others can create these feelings of security, calm and happiness with their own spirit connection.

There are many different readings to choose from, I like to be very versatile style and skills to ensure that my clients get the most from their spiritual experience with me. Different types of readings appeal to different people and some more adventurous sitters may even opt to have a selection of each one - including the 'Transfiguration'. I take great pride in ensuring the protection of my client's emotional well-being & confidentiality is ALWAYS paramount.

I look forward to working with you. 

Kate Winters