Hi Gorgeous, I'm Kate!

I am on a mission to help women unleash their Psychic & Mediumship ability to aquire WEALTH, fix broken RELATIONSHIPS and be a WOMAN of POWER & AUTHORITY. 

I have been a Psychic Medium for 10 years & have helped hundreds of women in becoming the best version of themselves with the use of my blended methodology of Science, Psychology & Psyhic Mediumship. I graduated Psychology with Honors in University Of Worcester & have been studying Quantum Physics and the science of human mind. I am firm believer that everybody is a Psychic Medium, its a birth right that you can absolutely claim! 

My Story-from a Victim to Victor

I know you probably wonder when did I start to become a Psychic Medium & why did I choose this profession. You might be surprised, but I am a bullied teenager way back then. I remember skipping school to avoid being humiliated & become a laughing stock in our class. And, this has become the primary reason why growing up I always feel like I am not good enough at pretty much everything. I always have self-doubts and it just creeps in all areas of my life from my relationships to my career. 

     After I graduated in High School, I decided to join the Royal Navy but I didn't manage to finish because of my lack of discipline at that time. So I ended up being a party girl. I partied almost every night! From one pub to the other. There was the acceptance I have been looking for, outwardly I am having fun but inside it is still the same energetical vibration of fear and shame and a deep-rooted feeling of not being enough. And because of this energetical vibration in mind, I attracted emotionally abusive people in my life. . After a period of being systematically emotionally and mentally abused for years, I found myself with two children and no home. I was lost & a total wreck with nowhere to go. 
      I started mediumship when my youngest child is three years old although I was doing fine back then & have been receiving rave reviews from my clients, I still felt rubbish about it. I was so frustrated because the only thing I know I could be good at still felt like a total failure. There was a constant battle in my mind due to the many years of being emotionally abused. 
    And then I finally hit a point where I refused to continue living with unworthiness & self-doubt mindset! I knew it has to stop for me to help more women out there! So I started joining healing sessions, hypnosis & rewiring of the mind to reset and remove all the toxic thoughts that were instilled in me. It took me a couple of months to finally let go and heal. It was not easy but it was worth it. Now I more than ready & capable of helping more women achieve freedom in all areas of their lives. 

Psychic Mediumship has help me become the best version of myself

And now, I want to teach my clients reclaim their birthright & have the joy that comes with living the life of their dreams. I want to teach my clients how to tap their innate Psychic Ability along with rewiring their mindset & habits & use it to their advantage just like what I did. I want them to step into their greatness, know their power, develop confidence, and increase their daily experience of joy.
Now I am earning more than enough for my children and have a house near at the beach that I can call home.
I was never been happy & contented with my life. 

And here's what I want you to know..
YOU TOO can create the life of your dreams.
YOU TOO can be free from all the unworthiness & self-doubts
YOU TOO can be a confident woman of power & authority 
YOU TOO can earn more than enough for your needs

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