The Connect Through Kate Reading

’The Connect through Kate Reading’


Achieving your dreams and loving every minute of it!!!


I'm Kate Winters, Practical Psychologist and Intuitive Medium.
After making the big life decision to move miles away from the area I have lived in all of my life, me, kids and dogs, its been a quite a whirlwind, well more of a hurricane actually!

I was encouraged and by my spirit team to make this decision and its the best decision I ever made, however, there were some hair standing on end moments (eek), which i'll write up for a giggle on a rainy day, and few tears at leaving my tribe.
The beautiful, zany, fun, kind people I either had the privilege to mentor, and the incredible clients I have encountered on the way that have now become friends.

With this in mind, I'm so excited to announce that I have now set up a phone reading option for those that either live far away, have time restraints or just fancy sitting in their own home with a cuppa in their hand and slippers on ????
I've had many requests for it over the years but now seem the perfect time!!

We live in a world of stress and sometimes chaos, we all know that having a reading gives the mind focus and clarity, however this new found calm can diminish as we sit in traffic on the way home. Having a reading in your own home allows the calmness to remain into the rest of your day or evening.

Time is an issue for most people, with us all trying to fit as much as we can into a day, juggling, jobs, childcare and family commitments it can be hard to put aside the time to go for reading and relax in spirit energy.

Some of you have mentioned, if tarot is used in a phone reading it wouldn't be quite the same if you couldn't see the cards in front of you, especially as I read them not just traditionally but intuitively, and your absolutely right


Here is the solution that will make your personal reading is exactly as you would want it!

ZOOM or SKYPE readings are a perfect solution, you will be able to see the cards as they are read to you and see me (the medium too).

I don't have access to a computer I hear you say or I don't want to be seen on a computer screen, fear not, if you have a iPhone I will photograph the cards and send you the pictures before we begin the reading

We all know that feeling connected to the spirit energy gives us a feeling of empowerment, comfort, bliss and love, we also know that everyday tasks and routine can make us feel disconnected from spirit, alone even, leading us to sometimes feeling directionless, this can create feelings of discontentment and sadness.

Our lives are so busy it can often be hard to find time to either sit in the safe space of meditation or reconnect with the loved ones in spirit, gaining direction and hope, calm within the chaos.
A phone reading relieves the pressure of time, not only the travel time but the mini reading that is also offered is shorter and more concise.
A phone readings is perfect for those that want to ask guidance on one topic with a few questions, when you want shorter answers or confirmation, not necessarily a full reading.

The readings I offer are very much Spirituality meets Psychology, not only do loved ones in spirit come forward to comfort with message of love, for those wanting guidance and advice, the spirit world will help you to understand yourself spiritually and in your human life time, this facilitates change for those that choose it, and, for those that do the transformation in mind set and perspective is phenomenal & rapid!

I have worked with spirit all my life and in the last few years have worked with hundreds of clients delivering sessions unique to them.

I'm so excited to be offering this brand new way of delivering readings from 'The Spirit Medium Academy'!

Phone, Zoom or Skype readings being delivered in the comfort of your own home, sit with a cup of tea or a glass of your favourite tipple while getting advice from the spirit world answers to your questions and allay your worries, a perfect 'me' time in, leaving you with a feeling of happiness and renewed hope and faith in your own abilities.
I've had so many people asking me to do this - Its now the perfect time, perfect for those that have time restraints, perfect for direct short answer questions and perfect for those that struggle to leave the house for whatever reason.

With the winter fast approaching, venturing out in iky weather isn't appealing, even if you know that the end result is feeling relaxed, hopeful and empowered at the end of your trip out as you would after a reading.

Many of us also begin to dread the lack of sunshine as winter approaches which can take our focus away from the direction we once had.
These readings lift self esteem, give direction and real hope for continued and constant happiness, the dark nights will no longer have that dread around them.


I delighted to be offering 'THE CONNECT THROUGH KATE READING'

We have lift off!

This is offer has an introductory discount for month of November only

The 40 minute phone, zoom or skype reading £30

The 20 minute phone, Zoom or Skype reading £20

Who is with me???