Kate has quite a unique gift as a medium where she enables spirit to physically present themselves.

By drawing on Kates energy, spirit uses ectoplasm to form their physical features just in front of Kate's physical form. You literally see her transform into someone else!

Demonstrating the incredible relationship, she has with her guides, Kate places all her trust in her spirit team during this process as she is required to push her non-physical self aside to allow the spirit person to use her body. As well as your loved ones, Kate has an array of well-known and famous people eager to work with her.

Some of the famous people who have already presented (either full body or part form) during Transfiguration wit Kate are;

Michael Jackson

Amy Whinehouse

Princess Diana

Robin Williams

* This photograph is of Kate's Father presenting himself during a Transfiguration Demonstration



During her own spiritual journey Kate has worked hard on balancing her spiritual higher self with her physical self. She has very much let go of ego and would like to this opportunity to recognise that, although it is an amazing feeling to work with many famous people, she acknowledges that this is not unique to her. The famous people we enjoyed and loved here on earth have now returned to their spiritual form and are working, along with many others in the spiritual realm, to support us here on earth. Therefore they work with many of us in any different ways.