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  • Free yourself from feeling shackled to the mundane mainstream & awaken your soul's sacred calling to do what excites you and impacts the world.
  • Clear the fear, pain & drama around what you are meant to be going with your precious life & get clear roadmap on who you are, why you're here & what your purpose is.
  • Awaken your natural gifts, talents and abilities and watch abundance flow inas you share them with the world-guilt & shame free.
  • Remove all limiting beliefs around your purpose & shift into the relams of limitlesss potental.

    Enroll in one of my programme and reclaim the life you've always wanted!

Exclusive 1:1 Training with Kate Winters

The most rapid way to unleash the Psychic in you
Tailored-fit strategies and exercises to accelerate your progress
10 intentioned fuel power-packed weeks
Ongoing monthly accountability and support
Access to online paid programmes and resources
Strictly limited positions per year

Psychic Medium

Testimonials from my clients

“I would highly recommend working with Kate! I just started my one on one Super Psychic Program with her and I was amazed on the first day! She’s very talented and makes you comfortable & confident in the first few minutes you talke with her. Thank you Kate! “

Psychic Medium

Pam Delehant Sarubbi

Life Coach 

“I’ve completed the Super Psychic training with Kate & It transformed my levels of spiritually & understanding completely. I was amazed at the speed & depth of my progression! Kate’s bespoked programme is unique & accesible to everyone which leads to improvement in every aspect of your life. I can’t speak of Kate highly enough.”

Emma Bray

Head Teacher 

“I cried then smiled, then cried and then smiled once more. Kate provided clarity for me & has helped me move onto the first step of making a positive change & not feeling afraid or guilty for it. Feeling very much grateful for our paths being able to cross. Thank you so much Kate.”

Psychic Medium and Spiritual Strategist Kate Winters

Sophie Slavin

Director of a SaaS Consultancy 

Psychic Medium

Super Psyhic Intensive Program

My unique style of spiritual knowledge and human interest creates a powerful set of training tools for the most swift and comprehensive mediumship and psychic development

Psychic Medium

Soul & Science Goddess Revolution

My powerful blend of mediumship, psychic skills, psychology and neuroscience delivers outstanding results for every area of business, self development or personal life.

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Psychic Spectacular Bundles

Create your preferred session with me. You can choose three sessions of readings, manifesting, training or one of each. 

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Learn Psychic Mediumship at your own Pace

Want to learn at your own pace? This course is perfect for you. You'll learn all the fundamentals of Psychic Mediumship at the comfort of your home and in your most convenient time. 

Psychic Medium

Single Session with Kate Winters

Book a single session of Reading and Mediumship at your preferred time.

Psychic Medium

Spiritual event with Kate Winters

This is Spiritual interactive event demonstrating Mediumship, Psychic Skills and delivering messages and readings.  The experience also encourages participants  to explore their own psychic abilities and skills. An exciting evening of self discovery in your event.

Unsure which programme suits you?